The Chicken Wing Stir Fry Recipe

The Chicken Wing Stir Fry Recipe



Author: Donald Johnson

Chicken wings are sometimes the best element to make a small gathering of friends going and sharing time together. It is also great for just watching Super Bowls on television with cold beer serve along with it. And a delicious homemade plate of wings will always be remembered for future special gatherings like this.

Most American families prepare chicken wings in various ways and are very deliciously spicy, a little bit salty and sometimes sweet. These stir fried chicken wings are sometimes called the element of the hour by some families that gratifyingly provide a solution to the missing element while watching a celebrated show on television. In this article we will share a stir fry recipe for chicken wings that you may try at home for your next super bowl show on TV.


There are several Buffalo wings recipes in the internet. But the basic Buffalo wings sauce is a mixture of hot sauce and butter. While most restaurants and food stands prepare their chicken wings by deep frying, stir frying the chicken wings at very high flame for 15-20 minutes until they start to firm up and the skin turns into a delicious, crispy caramel coated brown finish is the quickest way to making it perfect. You can toss the wings with the hot sauce mixed with butter in a large bowl and serve while hot. While the Dips actually make everyone happy, the Blue cheese and ranch are popular choices found in supermarkets, if you don’t feel creative in your kitchens.



One pound chicken wings, choice cuts

One cup soy sauce
Four tablespoons soy sauce
Four tablespoons ginger powder
Four tablespoon garlic powder
Two tablespoon brown sugar
Two tablespoons of the famous Sriracha sauce, buy them in Asian stores

One cup canola oil
Two cloves garlic, crushed and skins remove, please chop them
Two teaspoon hoisin sauce
Two tablespoons soy sauce
Two tablespoons red pepper flakes, please crush them
Salt and pepper to taste
Butter, as you desire



Bring to boil salted water in a pot and throw in the chicken wings. Let it cook for about 3 minutes until its changes color into white. Remove the chicken and marinade it with the marinade ingredients at room temperature for about thirty minutes. Begin frying by heating the can9la oil in a wok or large skillet at high flame over your American stove. Season the oil with the garlic and the red pepper flakes. Add in the marinated chicken without its marinade. Fry for about 15 seconds until the skin tighten and firmed. When color is brown, add the hoisin sauce, the soy sauce and salt and pepper to taste. Cook for another two minutes before you add the butter on top of it and just let it melt slowly. Remove the chicken wings to a plate and serve while very hot. Serve with the dip of your desire. This stir fry recipe is also great if serve with beer.


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