Mexican Pizza Night

Mexican Pizza Night


Mexican Pizza Night by Mateo Gomez

Getting the kids to make dinner is a fun way to have a family meal together. It’s a case of preparing a kid-friendly menu that you can prepare together with them, or they can do it by themselves. Your kids will not only get to learn but also build their confidence and it teaches them to be comfortable and confident in the kitchen. Most kids love Mexican food, I know mine do. These Pizzas are delicious, easy to make and you get the kids to eat vegetables in the process. They can eat the food they want and sneak in a vegetable or two, now that sounds like a very good plan. A Mexican pizza for dinner always gets the kids excited and pumped up. It’s the one night where they get to make their dinner, as well as Mom and Dad’s too. They get to put anything they want, choose and pick the ingredients make their own pizza. Its not only the eating part that’s fun but the making part too. We have Pizza Night every Friday and this is what goes down. For the topping you can basically put anything you want. I usually ask them for a list before grocery shopping, it can vary from week to week.

What you need are:

> 1/2 cup corn meal

> 1/4 cup oil (canola, sunflower oil, or other vegetable oil)

> 12 pieces corn/flour tortillas

> 2 pieces, 12 ounce cans of tomato sauce

> 2 pieces 15 ounce cans of beans, Mexican style

> Fresh vegetables

> 4 cups of Monterey Jack cheese or blended cheese

> Salsa

> Sour cream

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Pre-heat the oven to 450 degrees

Step 2: Using the oil, grease the bottom of the cookie sheet. After greasing the sheet, dust the sheet with corn meal, this make the pizza not stick to the sheet when you bake it. One great way to arrange the ingredients is to line it up on the table in different bowls.

Step 3: Slice the fruits and vegetables in bite sizes and put in a bowl.

Step 4: With a can opener, open the cans of tomato sauce and again put it in a bowl. You can add seasoning to the sauce like fajita seasoning to give it an authentic Mexican flavor. This is where you can get the kids involved.

Step 5: With a kid-friendly tool, let them do the grating of the cheese. With that done you can now start the pizza making party.

Step 6: Give each kid their own plates and tools they need. Watch them them go crazy with making their individual pizzas.

Step 7: Once they are done with their masterpieces, you can now start the baking process by placing the mini pizzas in the baking sheet.

Don’t forget the cheese on top of the mini pizzas!

Step 8: Bake the pizzas for 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 9: Each kid now has their own individual pizza all for themselves. The salsa and sour cream are for extra flavoring in case they want their pizzas more interesting.

When the pizzas are baked and ready to eat, give them to the kids and you can encourage them to share their pizzas with each other. This too promotes sharing and getting along with each other.

This easy Mexican recipe is not only for kids but for for all ages. Even their friends can come over and join in the fun. Mexican inspired dishes are easy and fun to make, they also are healthy and budget friendly. Adults too can get a kick out of making their own Mexican Pizzas.

We get to spend time with our love ones over delicious food. doing things together as a family and just be together is what family dinners are all about.

Mateo Gomez is a Mexican food enthusiast, and the founder of Check out for more on Mexican cooking and how to prepare a tasty Mexican tortilla.

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