How to Make Oven Beef Jerky

How to Make Oven Beef Jerky




How to Make Oven Beef Jerky

By Howard Kurt Posted: January 14, 2009


Many people want to make oven beef jerky because they either do not have or do not want to buy a dehydrator. Below you will find an easy to make and great tasting beef jerky recipe and all you need is your oven, some meat and a little bit of spices. You will have great tasting jerky in no time!

Our recipe calls for flank steak and the first thing you will need to do is cut it. However, before you try to cut the meat, make sure you put the meat in the freezer for half an hour because it will make it much easier to cut. Cut the meat into a quarter inch strips and make sure to cut the meat across the grain.


Next you will need to get the following ingredients:

1 Clove

4 tb Lemon Juice

1/2 c Honey



1/2 c Soy Sauce


Mix all ingredients together and them place the meat into the marinade. Let this sit for at least 2 hours and a little longer if you are not in a hurry. Better yet, place it in the refrigerator over night to let it really marinate nice and good.

After your meat has had time to marinate, it is time to cook it. Take you meat slices and place them on a rack in a pan. Place the pan in your over and cook at 150 degrees for about 8- 12 hours. After eight hours you will want to start checking the jerky to make sure it is not overcooking.

When the meat is done is should bend but not break. You want to make sure it is not still wet and has dried out to a good level. If it breaks, you cooked it too long so make sure and adjust the cook time the following time you make your over beef jerky. Now sit back and enjoy your beef jerky.

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