Gen’s Double Chocolate Pie Recipe

Gen’s Double Chocolate Pie Recipe




One of our readers, Gen, has shared this yummy easy double chocolate pie recipe.  It’s so simple to make and deliciously decadent.  Gen suggests we forget the guilt and just enjoy the calories.

All you need to do is:

Step 1: Bake blind a prepared pie crust pastry in the usual way. Leave it to cool.


Step 2:  In a saucepan, on moderate heat, melt together

•    4 oz/ 125 gm butter

•    7 oz/200 gm dark good quality chocolate

•    1 cup brown sugar

Take it off the heat as soon as it’s melted. Just keep stirring to combine it till it’s a thick mixture.


Step 3: Add to the pot

•    1 tbs cocoa powder

•    8 oz/250gm light cream cheese

•    3 tbs thickened cream

•    1 tsp gelatin, dissolved in a little hot water

Combine it and pour the chocolate mixture into the cooled pastry shell.


Step 4:  Refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

Enjoy! It is very rich, so be sure to cut smaller slices of this chocolate pie.


Gen from over at Easy Recipes For is from Sydney, Australia.  She loves sharing her tried and tested easy recipes for no fuss cooking.