Cheesecake Factory Cajun Jambalaya Pasta Recipe

Cheesecake Factory Cajun Jambalaya Pasta Recipe



Author: Chef Jeff Williams


The Cheesecake Factory Cajun Jambalaya Pasta Recipe step by step


The Cheesecake Factory cookhouse, established by Evelyn Overton, in 1949 as a small sized bake shop that was operated out of her family’s basement in the Midwest.

Today Cheesecake Factory is a giant national bakery and cookhouse and have additional items on their menu than just cheesecake as this Cajun Jambalaya Pasta recipe demonstrates.

This pasta recipe is the Cheesecake Factories most enjoyed items on the menu!

Shrimp and Chicken are Sauted with Onions, Tomato and Peppers in a spicy Cajun sauce. all on top of fresh linguine. Cajun Jambalaya Pasta dish is also available over rice.This tasty dish from the Cheesecake Factory was taken from the Top Secret Restaurant recipes book.

This recipe serves approximately 4 people.


Cajun Jambalaya Pasta Ingredients:

* 4 oz. butter

* 2 teaspoons Cajun spice mix

* 1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into small pieces

* 1 pound fresh linguini pasta

* 1/2 cup clam juice

* 2 oz. green bell peppers, cut into thin strips

* 2 oz. red bell peppers, cut into thin strips

* 2 oz. yellow bell peppers, cut into thin strips

* 4 oz. red onions, cut into thin strips

* 1/2 pound fresh medium shrimp, peeled, de-veined, tails removed

* 1/2 cup diced tomatoes


Cajun Jambalay Pasta Recipe Directions:

* Place the butter into a sauté pan on medium heat.

* Allow the butter to melt slightly.

* Add the seasoning into the pan and stir together with the melted butter.

* Add the chicken into the pan and continue to cook until the chicken is about half done.

* While the chicken is cooking, carefully place the pasta into boiling water and cook until al-dente (slightly chewy to the bite).

* Pour the clam juice into the pan.

* Add the peppers and onions.

* Cook for another minute, making sure the vegetables are heated through and the chicken is almost done.

* Add the shrimp into the pan.

* Toss the ingredients together and continue to cook until the shrimp are almost done.

* Add the tomatoes into then pan.

* Continue to cook mixture until both the shrimp and chicken are thoroughly cooked through.

* Place desired serving of pasta on a plate or in a bowl and add the jambalaya mixture.


May be served with rice. Enjoy!


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