Carrabba's Recipes - Try Out the Exotic Italian Grill Rigatoni Martino

Carrabba's Recipes - Try Out the Exotic Italian Grill Rigatoni Martino
By Janani Jaan

Have you ever thought of surprising your friends and loved ones with a great meal? Aren't you sure where to start? Well, cooking isn't that difficult. Cooking some of the top restaurant recipes at home will be exciting, isn't it? Yes indeed! If you wish to cook your favorite restaurant recipes at home, then carrabba's recipes will be a great choice.

Most often expert chefs just take a recipe from other restaurants and reverse engineer it in order to find out the aspect that reflects the uniqueness of that recipe. Well, if you are able to experiment top restaurant recipes at home, then in no time you will become a great cook. With a little patience and good amount of practice, you can shine as a great cook with your friends by following the top carrabba's recipes cook book.

Take a look at one of the famous Carrabba's recipes, namely the Italian Grill Rigatoni Martino.

Ingredients required:

Small amount of tomato cream sauce
½ cup of grated Romano cheese
1/3 cup of mushrooms, sautéed
2 ½ cups of cooked rigatoni pasta
10 pieces of sliced sun-dried tomatoes
Grilled chicken breast


1. Place a 10-inch skillet on a medium flame and add tomato cream sauce, little mushroom and sun-dried tomatoes to the skillet.

2. Add rigatoni to water and heat the mixture until hot for about 30 seconds. On reaching the expected heat, drain pasta from water and add to the skillet along with chicken. Toss it for a while to coat the pasta with sauce.

3. Finally sprinkle Romano some cheese over pasta and toss it once again until the sauce turns into a creamy consistency over a medium flame. Now the recipe is ready to be served!

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